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There is something special with house paint colors, as they let you put your ideas into painting and help capture your personality, in addition to being a reflection of timeless trends. Quality paint provides for a splendid painting job, which is why Pratt and Lambert paint colors strive to offer you quality paints every time. In addition, in order to bring your ideas to life or inspire your ideas to come alive, there are a number of decorating ideas to pick from and help you realize your beautiful dream. Pratt and Lambert, with their wide collection of paints strive to bring your ideas or vision to life with every stroke of paint.


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A room comes to life when the right colors are used on it, and since oftentimes picking up the right colors can prove to be hectic, there is plenty of advice, inspirations and tools to enable you select the right house color paints. This way, you are one step ahead in your venture to make improvements to your home. Color tools help you pick the right color schemes while color collections give you plenty of ideas to choose from and come up with the right paint for you.

Color matches such as gallons, sample sizes or quarts are available for all your Pratt and Lambert colors. This way, you make perfect choices of color for your home. You can make use of chips, charts, swatches, samples, or palettes and come up with the right color to go on your interior or exterior wall and ceiling. House paint colors, when used right, can bring a new life to a room, they can turn a dull looking room into a more interesting one.


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An understanding of color gives you the an idea of how its use will make or break a given space. Factors that can impact the choice you make while picking up a color include the architectural elements of the room and the lighting. When you pick house paint colors in relation to the factors that may influence them then you are in the right direction of making the room more interesting.

In case you are inspired by the trends in the color world, Pratt and Lambert colors has a section dedicated to color trends. This way, you know which trend to follow and which schemes are in, for example, the current trends are grace which lets you detoxify with calming colors, nature’s bounty which brings you rich colors from whole foods, plants and soil and fresh flavors from the farm.


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