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Picking the perfect house paint colors is no easy job. When you decide to paint the interior, or for that matter exterior of your house, you will find that picking the perfect color is not as easy as it may seem. With the wide variety of colors available, paint color schemes are there to help you get the most appropriate look and feel for your house. There are paints that may suit the exterior of the house but not the interior, and so when choosing exterior paint color schemes, care must be taken to ensure that the outcome is not a mess. Paint color schemes that go on the inside of the house normally take on the design of the furniture, room or accessories. Different rooms to the house call for special care while choosing the perfect color for them.


House Paint Color Schemes - Monochromatic Guide

Interior Paint Color Schemes - Monochromatic Example


As far as house paint colors go, while selecting colors that go for the outside of the house, be sure to go for colors that wont blind passersby. Exterior paint color schemes for large homes on a small plot of land take on a darker color in order to make the home appear larger because a white or light color will make it seem that much larger and the lot that much smaller.


House Paint Color Schemes - Analogous Guide

Interior Paint Color Schemes - Analogous Example


House Paint Color Schemes - Complementary Guide

Interior Paint Color Schemes - Complementary Example


Interior Paint color Schemes


While searching for the best paint color schemes for your house, care needs to be taken in the selection of colors that will enhance the interior of the house. The color chosen often reflects your personality, which is why you may have a single favorite color or a combination of colors while looking through the available house paint colors. The trick is to use your favorite color and incorporate other colors so you don’t give off a drab presence in your home. Interior paint color schemes that are more frequented are the bold with a touch of light shades or light colors with a touch of bold ensembles.


House Paint Color Schemes - Split Complementary Guide

Interior Paint Color Schemes - Split Complementary Example


House Paint Color Schemes - Triadic Guide

Interior Paint Color Schemes - Triadic Example


Ultimately, when choosing your house paint color schemes, remember to look into the current trends, blend your colors well and go for a look that you will feel happy and comfortable with for a long time to come.


House Paint Color Schemes - Tetradic Guide

Interior Paint Color Schemes - Tetradic Example


House Paint Color Schemes


Color combinations are preferred by many when choosing house paint colors. It is not uncommon to find a beautiful mix of bold and bright colors that give off a refreshing look to the house. Paint color schemes should reflect your personality or at the very least be something that you would comfortably live with while external paint color schemes should take on a more inviting look unless your goal is to scare off visitors!


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