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With the right house paint colors, the decision to paint your house shouldn’t be a tough one. If all else fails, you can always fall back on the tried and true combinations of exterior paint colors. In order to ensure that you have the perfect color scheme for your house, it is best to take a look at some of the best exterior paint colors on the market. This is because making a selection of exterior paint colors will either make or break your paint-job.


Best Exterior Paint Colors Choices


When it come down to choosing house paint colors for the exterior of your home, instead of going the more traditional white or brown, you could take a look at some of the best exterior paint colors and come up with a color or combination of colors that suit your style without making your house appear drab or a complete mess.


Popular Exterior Paint Colors Options

Popular Exterior Paint Colors


When you are out choosing exterior paint colors, be sure to make an evaluation of your house in terms of the surfaces before settling for a particular paint, take a look at various color-combination suggestions and know the dimensions of your house so you know how much paint to buy. In your search for the most suitable house paint colors for your house, it is better to look through some of the more popular exterior paint colors so that you get an idea of what you will settle for.

Among the more common exterior house paint colors to choose from, white is perhaps the more leading color closely followed by blue then brown. Other popular exterior colors are beige, cream, yellow and lighter versions of blue, grey ad green.


Exterior Paint Colors Example


Exterior Paint Color Tips


As a tip while going about the business of selecting house paint colors that will go on the outside of your house, remember that darker tones help balance the house to the land while light-colored houses are good for reflecting the sun’s heating and lighting effects. When selecting exterior paint colors, you need to factor in your surroundings and what you want the finishing touch to look like.

Remember, color makes the first impression of your home, which is why some of the best exterior paint colors take into account a number of factors such as the landscape, a blend to the neighborhood and paying attention to geography, more so the sun’s intensity as the more intense the sun, the faster the colors will wash out.


Exterior House Paint Colors - Blue Example