Choosing Color Combinations

Paint Color Combinations Examples

Paint Color Combinations


When it comes down to choosing house paint colors, combinations go a long way in breaking the colors down and giving them a more lively look. Some paint color combinations to choose from include gray and mahogany which give a soft and earthy feel to the room, Gray and lavender which gives off a unique hue, a combination of washed-out blue walls, a heavenly shade of green on the trim and a dash of dusty pink and cobalt give a room a sense of a sea glass, beautiful shades of blue on blue can give off a happy and calm feel to the room while aubergie to the walls with a gray-green to the trim give off a provocative touch to the room. Pale green walls with a nutty brown trim tend to give off a therapeutic feel to the room.


Planning Out Your House Paint Colors


The list is endless for exterior paint color combinations to choose from and so dependent on the mood you want to set to your house, you can incorporate one of the many paint color combinations on the market.

It is advisable to go for house paint colors that suit your personality or which will draw future buyers in case you plan on selling the house as opposed to going for exterior paint color combinations that leave you feeling uncomfortable whenever you approach your house.


Interior Paint Color Combinations


Interior Paint Color Combinations


The interior of your house is where you spend most of your time which is why paint color combinations play a huge role in coming up with a livable surrounding. There are a number of house paint colors to choose from, however, care needs to be taken so that you don’t end up with a messy job at the end of the day. As a guide to picking interior paint color combinations, you can take into account the rug or furniture hence creating a cohesive look when the job is done. Don’t be afraid to go for darker color schemes as they can bring a depth and richness to a given room while bright colors bring life to cave-like rooms.

The outside of the house is the first place to be seen. For this reason, exterior house paint color combinations need to be closely looked at in order to come up with the best schemes.


Exterior Paint Color Combinations


Exterior Paint Color Combinations


You can easily enhance your house’s character, architecture and surroundings with the right house paint colors. You don’t need to get confused with the numerous paint color combinations but rather you need to research upon which exterior paint color combinations will make your house come alive.


Exterior House Paint Color Combinations